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an indispensable asset to our team.. the best engineer I've had the privilege of working with.. Tom fostered a positive and collaborative work environment, serving as a natural leader who inspired the entire team to strive for excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend Tom for any leadership role in engineering, confident that his dedication, expertise, and leadership qualities will greatly contribute to the success of any organization.
Zac Stern, Bumble Inc
Tom cares. He's a force multiplier that makes everyone around him better... I highly recommend Tom as a leader.
Anthony S. Cannella, Blockchain Hub
Tom is not only a very talented developer, but a keen business leader... He instituted ‘hack days’ and design sprints that really encouraged innovation.
Ben Lakoff, Bankless Ventures
Tom has incredible personal, leadership, and technical skills... the best aspect of working with Tom is the quality and ease of management.
Francesco De Lisi, Woven Project, Toyota Inc.
Tom shows great passion and creativity... The products he built were instant hits... he has natural leadership qualities.
Rupert Lane, Agoda, Booking Inc.
Base Rate $324 /hr
FinTech $486 /hr
Consultancy $648 /hr
Core Services:
  • Dev Team Leadership: Agile project management, code reviews, technical mentorship.
  • Dev Team Hiring: Recruitment and vetting of engineering talent.
  • Python Development: Custom backend services, data analytics, machine learning solutions.
  • Systems Architecture: Scalable design with monolith or microservices architectures.

Data & Analytics:
  • ETL Services: Data extraction, transformation, loading for analytics and BI.
  • Database Design: Relational and document databases optimized for performance and reliability.

Specialized Technologies:
  • Redis Database Systems: High-performance Redis databases, cache architecture.
  • Flutter Mobile Apps: Cross-platform mobile apps focusing on user experience.
  • Rapid Backend Dashboards: Quick development of backend admin panels.

Integrations & Content:
  • API Integration: Seamless third-party services integration including payment gateways.
  • AI Content Generation: Automated content via advanced machine learning.
  • CMS: Content Management Systems for streamlined content updates.

Payment Terms:
  • 50% of monthly invoice estimate as deposit
  • Invoices on 1st of each month, Net-15

  • Up to 20% for active client referrals
  • Reduced rates for Social Enterprises and Non-profits

Additional Assurances:
  • Client confidentiality
  • IP solely owned by Client
  • Flexible agreement terms
  • Structured refund and arbitration