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solving problems and building web services, cloud infrastructure,
artificial intelligence, chat bots, and blockchain
since 2009



Building web and mobile apps to solve a variety of needs.
Bemmerse: helping people get better sleep
Pop Menu: helping restaurants serve customers via mobile chat
Prakti: helping students meet and study together



We track digital assets and predict price action using machine learning. Tom lead a team of 6 engineers including frontend JS, backend Python, and 2 PhD AI researchers
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A social media platform focused on security, free speech, and free market economy.

Cofounder, Technical Director


An ecommerce marketplace designed for illiterate business owners. Suite of mobile commerce tools powered by Python, Django, hosted on Heroku

About Tom Counsell

Tom bootstrapped his first successful startup, a social enterprise, growing to $MM revenues and many thousands of jobs created. As an entreprenuer and executive leader, he balances teams, bringing empathy and a high demand for personal responsibility.

Since 2014, he has helped raise $3.5M in crowdfunding and investments, sold 2 companies, and scaled up highly effective IT and operations teams.

Tom Counsell is an energizing public speaker and advocate for a purpose-driven life. From standing desks to wall murals, countless office environments have been permanently altered because Tom tranforms team environments, making them highly effective for startup hustling!

Tom's 12 Rules for Business:

  1. Challenge the status quo and initiate new experiments (ambition)
  2. Quietly lead by setting an example (role-modelling)
  3. Promote an environment of open curiosity and fun (play)
  4. Be first to admit being wrong or making a mistake (honesty)
  5. Never back down from a challenge (bravery)
  6. Take responsibility and make difficult decisions when others don't want to (responsibility)
  7. Ask for help all the time (humility)
  8. Give help to everyone who asks (generosity)
  9. First work smarter, then work harder (thinking)
  10. To see a problem and stay quiet is to become part of the problem (accountability)
  11. With failure, learn and never repeat (wisdom)
  12. Nothing is more valuable than your integrity (legacy)