Leading Dev Teams

    Building Software

    Millions Served

Head of Engineering 2022-2023

  • - Managed engineering at Official pre and post Bumble acquisition.
  • - Led engineering hiring, dev team, and systems architecture.
  • # social network, React Native, scaling infrastructure, gen AI

Cache Architect 2021-present

  • - Designed and built custom cache for 700k hotels.
  • - Real time processing of rates and avialability 70GB /min.
  • # ETL system, Redis, geospatial DB, scaling infrastructure

Advisor 2018-present

  • - No-code platform for web3 applications.
  • - Build your NFT site or ticketing app.
  • # Web3, React, React Native

Executive Director 2018-2020

  • - Incubator for blockchain startups.
  • - Provided shared office space, mentorship, funding, legal support.
  • based in Prague, Czech Republic

Founder 2019-present

  • - Building applications that help with things like..
  • - finding kidney donors, insomniacs falling asleep, repetition-based language learning
  • - And a flower delivery service in Chiang Mai, Thailand

CTO 2017-2020

  • - Tracking digital assets, predicting price action.
  • - Extensive OSS contributions on GitHub
  • # Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, AI

Engineering Team Lead 2016

  • - Architect guest-host messaging systems.
  • - Invented internal tools for reducing costs.
  • # messaging, chat, AI, API design

Cofounder, Technical Director 2013-2015

  • - Marketplace serving underprivileged groups, including female and illiterate business owners.
  • - Morocco's largest national cooperative, a non-profit
  • # e-commerce, Python Django, HCI, public-private partnerships

About Tom Counsell

Tom bootstrapped his first successful startup, a social enterprise, growing to $MM revenues and many thousands of jobs created. As a leader, he balances teams, bringing both empathy and an emphasis on personal responsibility.

Since 2014, he has helped raise $3.5M in crowdfunding and investments, sold 2 companies, and scaled up highly effective IT and operations teams.

Tom Counsell is an energizing public speaker and advocate for a purpose-driven life. From standing desks to wall murals, countless office environments have been permanently altered because Tom tranforms team environments, making them highly effective for startup hustling!

Tom's 12 Rules for Business:

  1. Challenge the status quo and initiate new experiments (ambition)
  2. Quietly lead by setting an example (role-modelling)
  3. Promote an environment of open curiosity and fun (play)
  4. Be first to admit being wrong or making a mistake (honesty)
  5. Never back down from a challenge (bravery)
  6. Take responsibility and make difficult decisions when others don't want to (responsibility)
  7. Ask for help all the time (humility)
  8. Give help to everyone who asks (generosity)
  9. First work smarter, then work harder (thinking)
  10. To see a problem and stay quiet is to become part of the problem (accountability)
  11. With failure, learn and never repeat (wisdom)
  12. Nothing is more valuable than your integrity (legacy)